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The Walking Dead Season Premier… the Feels…

Ok so here we are another summer has come and gone without the weekly dose of The Walking Dead, all leading up to tonight. We learned who felt the wrath of Lucille tonight and let me tell  you as much as I suspected and speculated and guessed…


So here’s your warning before I get down to the gory Nitty Gritty with all the feels and emotions, SPOILERS AHEAD. All the spoilers.

OK so if you’re still with me you’ve seen the season premier of The Walking Dead, and you are now as dead inside as I am. First off I was quite shocked they actually show us what went down with Negan, I was sure they were going to cut to Carol’s story or a Negan back story.
So the lose of Abraham was bad, BUT I cannot say I wasn’t expecting it, He bowed up to Negan, it was very obviously a good decision on Negans spot. My heart hurt so hard when Daryl hit Negan I honestly thought we’d lost Daryl…
I’m not going to lie, I was in tears when Negan turned around and nailed Glen, and Lost my shit when Glen told Maggie that He’d find her. We saw a side of the whole group we aren’t used to seeing. They are all quit litterally broken. Negan has Broken them… Well All but Maggie. I have so much respect for Maggie right now. It takes a strong women to stand up in pain and the hell she’s gone through and think ” We must fight him” I am very glad that Carl hasn’t lost his arm, but as I know he doesn’t have it in the comics, I’m not holding out hope. Although the difference in the Comics and the Show is there. Negan took Daryl, what are they going to do with him now. If i were Negan I would be very caution of having Daryl in my camp, just killed Glen infront of Daryl kind of because of Daryl. I think he’s out for vengeance.

Negan is very deffinatly not my favorite person right now and I’m sorry this review is not more coharent or review-like. I’m still trying to gather my feels off the floor. So for tonight I think this is all i have to say… Be prepared guys this season is going to be very INTENSE. This is deffinatly not over. Good Night my Fellow Walking Dead Fans. Fare Well Glen my friend YOU WILL BE MISSED.

Leeannalyn Marie

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