Video games, movies and randomness

 Between video games and Netflix my procrastination game is STONG! Not that i have much that absolutely has to get done. I mean, I have some cookies I have to bake, I need to clean the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room before guests get here for Christmas, Pack my kids up to go to grandma’s house this weekend and I have to do something about the fact that I’ve shot but not put together two DVR review videos for Bowties and Coffee.com
All i can seem to achieve though is binge watching Parenthood on Netflix and improving my zombie slaying game in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now I know that there’s been two more call of duty black ops games put out but i can’t help it I love this one so much! I know what you guys are thinking, that being a responsible adult means making the hard choices and actually getting things done but I cant help it!!

In other news this week tonight is Big Bang theory’s Big night!! SHAMY SEX!!! I can’t believe its not on until 1:30 am but don’t fret guys you can see all my SHAMY REACTIONS right here. Ok now i’m serisously off to make cookies I thinks. Soon I’m going to be posting all of my Food and Craft attempts here and on Bowties and Coffee.com. so keep checking back and please don’t forget to go look at the site and email me all the things you like, don’t like, or would like to see added or fixed!! Bowtiesandcoffee@outlook.com.
Leeannalyn Marie

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