And Lets Begin

Okay guys, so here’s the deal. I’m currently trying to create and maintain a Entertainment Website about all things nerd. It is called Bowtiesandcoffee.com and its going well so far. I haven’t done any actually web design since high school so this is all pretty new to me… So yesterday for whatever reason Go Daddy and Tumblr decided that they are not going to be getting along for a while… so now i’m looking into alternative blog platforms to use on my site. I think this is the one! I haven’t really used Blogger since high school either but never a time like the present. So welcome to my personal blog in which you will see my trial and tribulations with designing BowtiesandCoffee.com as well as any fun stuff i do for them will probably have some deeper back stagy feel here as well! I also have another blog on here for my original writings. So go check that out! Notebooks Pens and Inkspots.
-Leeannalyn Marie

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